New Look?-New Personality?

Lets be honest here we have all met that one person that drives us so crazy you get tempted to slap it out of them. Yep sad but true and I bet there pretty to? It’s likely, so today I want to give my Beauties (and Beauties in the making) a reminder that how you are on the inside can affect the way people view your outer appearance. Don’t believe me? Well then, today I met a girl (yes she inspired me to write this post!) her outer appearance was not amazing but fine. She looked good. Then she started doing something that I don’t find ok at all. She starts bad mouthing her mum. Now it may not sound bad but let’s not forget that she is going to Paris this year and her mum has suffered cancer. She’s spoilt. Well I don’t care if your spoilt or 30yo you don’t have a right to talk to someone like that. And once she started talking all of a sudden I could see all her flaws! No joke! She was no longer good she was horrible. She had horrible makeup and hair and so forth. So how you treat other people yes will effect how people see you. We all have to give someone a mouthful time-to-time when they deserve it! Not on a daily basis. Share the post let’s stop people thinking that a bad attitude  will make you like Megan Fox or Beyonce even they have lines that they don’t cross and buckets full of grace. Remember that!

Love xx

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