Beauty’s Secrets: Pt 2

How are my new and improving Beauties? We hope you guys are enjoying this new Beauty’s Secret series just as much as us! happy

So today we are gonna talk a bit about talking to people. So talking to people is compulsory we can’t escape it although sometimes we   wish we could!

It is much easier to talk to people who you have met before and have a friend who knows them. But what if you see someone that you have never met before? Someone that you’d like to get to know better?

Maybe a potential friend?

Or boyfriend perhaps?

Whatever the case here  are some key points:

  • Always greet people first! When they aren’t talking to anyone is the perfect opportunity to go and say hello. 
  • When you say hello introduce your name and ask for theirs.
  • Now not all conversations you have are going to be the most pleasant your going to have an awkward moment sooner or later! So be prepared.
  • If an awkward situation arrises when they don’t talk or just give you one worded answers you need backup that’s when it’s best to have someone with you so it’s not to bad.But what if your by yourself? Her are some convo savers- ‘Well it was nice to meet I’ll talk to you later’  ‘Hope you have a good time I’ll talk to you later’ and with all those savers smile!
  • But what if your by yourself? Her are some convo savers- ‘Well it was nice to meet I’ll talk to you later’  ‘Hope you have a good time I’ll talk to you later’ and with all those savers smile!
  • Show personal interest in the person whatever information they compromise  ask questions about it! 
  • Keep it short and sweet. Nobody likes a lingering ‘going nowhere’ conversation! An introduction some questions a little laugh is all you need! If they continue with no obvious sign of irritation continue! Unless you don’t want to.


So there are some pointers that you should remember next time you go out. But what if you want to end a conversation? Wait until they pause then jump in with one of the convo savers listed above and your good to go!

Smile while you talk not a creepy ‘I’m a random talker’ type smile just a sweet ‘You seem nice’ smile will suffice. Body language is another big thing when it comes to talking to people.


If you look awkward or uncomfortable it will show in your conversation and in your body language!

So take a deep breath you got this! It’s only awkward if you let it! So what to do with those arms of yours? Don’t cross them in front of you it makes you seem unapproachable!

Let the gently relax by your side and when you talk let them ‘flow with the conversation’ so to speak. Don’t fidget. At all. It’s just to hard to talk to someone who won’t stop moving.

Also let the other person talk. If your a nervous talker and you have tendency to never shut up please for the love of everybody’s ears control your tongue.

How? Limit yourself to only saying two sentences at a time and then allowing the other person to say something.

If they don’t say much a quick question will save you! So there you got it my Beauties some tips (and helpful conversation savers) all in the one day. Try these tips! You’ll never get better until you            have some practise!confidence


  Love You Lots

Beauty Desk xxx










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