Beauty’s Secret: Pt 3

Hello my lovely ladies! How are you today? We hope you guys are very well!


So today is just a piece on how we view people. So let’s get started! How we view people depends entirely on your personality!

We all like a certain type of person more than others. So what are our key points?

  • We are all attracted to a certain look of people. So be sure to broaden your spectrum just a little bit more than your normal attraction.
  • We all judge people on there looks. Don’t lie! It’s true! If someone looks unapproachable we just don’t want to talk to them. So accept it for what it is.
  • We should all give people a chance! We first judge on looks and when we’re comfortable we will talk to them and determine if they are worth further investment or not.

Ok so now we have read the above loud and clear let’s talk a bit more about the topic.

How we view people is important. Because when we first view people we might go off and tell a friend right? Of course!

But when you tell a friend they might tell there friend who tells there friends friend! Confusing? We know but you know what we mean!


Pretty makeup always helps!


You must allow yourself to try

As a girl word will spread and that can effect the way people look at us and treat us. It’s quite simple really. Word can spread and that can effect how people view you.

But how would you feel if people, total strangers as well didn’t want to talk to you because of how you viewed that one person?

It won’t be a nice feeling to have hence why we should give different  people a chance.

And as well as that don’t make a pronounced remark about someone until you have met them and talked to them at least twice!

Lot’s Of Beautiful Hugs

Beauty Desk xx


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