Beauty’s Secret: Pt 4

Hola my Beauties! How are our lovely ladies doing?

Today let’s get talking about our attitude towards others!

Key points anyone?

  • When it comes to first meeting people don’t have this bratty attitude about you!beauty
  • There is a fine line between a diva and a down right snobby girl! Beyonce is a diva with a very humble behaviour
  • Attitude towards someone you just met can be a bit intimidating so tone down the sarcasm and divanism just for your first introduction.

Ok you got that? So our attitude towards others basically means we don’t instantly ‘assume’ something about someone.

Just cause they look hipster doesn’t mean we instantly ‘assume’ they’re a wannabe.

Just cause they look gangster doesn’t mean we instantly  ‘assume’ they’re up to no good.

Just cause they have swag doesn’t mean we instantly ‘assume’ they work at McDonalds.

You know what we mean? feel free to add to that part.

Once again we must determine if we are comfortable with talking to them.

But our attitude towards others should be a positive, clean slate view.

So if we have heard rumours about that person clear the slate! Once you’ve gotten to know them a bit better you might realize that they are nothing like those rumours!

They may be your next best friend. Also if we clear the slate and take it in open heartedly surely we will earn a valid reputation of having an amazing personality.

That’s something that we should all work towards.

Apply these points and we will be blogging to you soon!

Lot’s Of Love

Beauty Desk xx


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