Beauty’s Secret: Pt 5

Hey all our ladies! How are our favourite Beauties? We hope your doing well!

Today is about our self confidence! We will also add our confidence song playlist for those days you need to be perked up!

  • Realise what your self conscious about. We all have something we wish we didn’t, so your not alone on that one! walk
  • Once you’ve found out what it is think about what you can do that might help it. Sure if it’s not that fixable move on and accept it!
  • Realise that everybody is imperfect! So what you may find worrying may be absolutely stunning to someone else!
  • Think about the positive things you’ve done. Whether it be something big or small elaborate on it and realise that your not all that bad.
  • Be positive although you may not feel it think positive thoughts. Ask yourself  ‘if peter pan threw pixie dust on me would I fly or would I fall?’
  • Accept a compliment! If someone say ‘Wow you look amazing today!’ accept it with an open heart and respond with a smile! Don’t shrug it off or say they’re lying!
  • Be thankful for the advice people give you! Be grateful for them as well!

So key points aside we here at Beauty Desk would like to say that your beautiful! But until you can realise it that’s not gonna mean a thing!

So take those key points into your head and let them sink in. Confidence can change oh so much! How people view you, how they talk to and about you, how they treat you and so much more.

new york It’s something that we are born with but can be slowly taken away from us by negative people in our life so take those mega fails and throw them out the window   everyone has a story to tell but it’s not a good story if you don’t bounce back.

 Forgive and forget move on and amaze the world with your glowing smile!

 Also if what your self conscious about is something YOU can fix like your weight etc. sitting down eating your feelings is not gonna help. And sweetie unfortunately your the only one to blame.

Love Beauty Desk xx

Now that you have heard what you need to what about that ‘Confidence Playlist’  here it is:


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