Product Review: Benetint

What is it?  Benetint is a liquid blush that works as a lip & cheek stain. It offers a light, easy all-day wear for all our busy Beauties!

You can never have too much #Benetint.

You can never have too much #Benetint. (Photo credit: Ro / wererabbit)

Which company makes it? Benefit Cosmetics-

Where do I get it?  Sephora-


So we recently received a very special product all the way from America! Benetint! This little guy is a cheek and lip stain which is perfect for summer and people who don’t have time or can’t be bothered  to reapply lipstick or blush.

The first impression? How on earth do I apply this? Yep we were clueless and if it’s the first time you’ve ever purchased it you’ll probably feel the same.

But don’t worry in the box it comes in, is a little booklet on how to apply it. It’s not that hard to apply once you have a brief of idea on what you should do it also blends to a nice sheer pinky tone.

The applicator is incredibly similar to a nail polish brush and if you have a look at the picture below you can see that it does look a little like nail polish! 


Sephora Beauty Store Opening


But anyway the colour of the watery liquid was a very very deep red. At first we all thought ‘are we going to look like clowns or what?’

But once we lightly applied three short strokes to our cheek we had to work quickly by dabbing and blending it in with our ring finger.

It blended so well we were amazed! The tone was not that very very deep red we thought it would be instead it was a pale pink but you can apply multiple layers until you get to the shade you want.

How long did it last? All day! It never budged it never blotted or chipped or dried out it just stayed. It’s great for our busy Beauties or our slightly more ‘casual’ Beauties.

As a lip stain? It is fantastic! I think people expect it to be moisturising and glossy but it’s a stain. So you apply a few drops onto your lips blend and 

you now have a healthy fresh colour on your lips that’s not going anywhere! The only tip is apply lip balm once it’s dried to maintain a healthy apparel. 

The price is a little more expensive than usual but because it’s the only liquid blush out there we can’t really compare it to anything. But is it worth purchasing? 

It’s definitely worth buying! 

Perks Of The Product:                                                   Downside Of The Product:

  • Long lasting                                                                          Price
  • Easy to apply
  • Realistic colour 
  • Light weight      

Got a product that you wanna learn more about? Well don’t be shy! Let us know! We will reply we don’t do rejection at Beauty Desk! 


Beauyt Desk xx




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