Beauty’s Secret: Pt 1

Everybody wants to be beautiful. It’s a fact of life no matter who you are and who says it, it’s a fact that we all have to accept.Image

So 80% of your over all appeal will be based on your personality. So let’s start today on how you ‘Treat People’. Heres some key points:

  • Always treat people with respect. No matter what they have done to you, friends or family you should treat them with respect to an extent.
  • Flash those pearly whites to people you make eye contact with. A gentle smile never hurt anyone.
  • When your on the bus or walking home when you pass your neighbours say a friendly ‘hello’. Again a hello will not kill you! If they don’t say ‘hello’ back that’s there problem.
  •  Have confidence. We will work on that later on in the week but have confidence when it comes to meeting new people.

So there are some ways on how to treat people. But if you want to learn more keep on Imagereading!

How you treat people is common sense.

You must be kind to people because people will talk and when they do are you sure you want to be known as that girl ‘who never gave her seat on the bus to the elderly?’ ‘Or the girl that gave up there seat?’

No doubt you want to be the person who hands her seat over. Always consider other peoples feelings first!

Next time your out shopping and you see someone who doesn’t look like they are having a good day trying putting yourself in there shoes, see how you might feel if you were them. When you make eye contact a friendly smile will surely lift there spirits a little bit more. 


And not only that but how people view your outer appearance will be increased!


Lot’s of love

Beauty desk xxx