Have You Seen It?

Recently Beauty Desk made an announcement about adding a brand new ‘Review’ section to the site. We had some great feedback and got started on it right away! See our new’Review’ tab in the top banner just next to the ‘Contact Us’ tab. 

Beauty Desk xx

Trend Alert

ImageOk my Beauties! What’s this? It’s a new Trend Alert!

Well more like a trend revival Jimmy Choo are slowly (but surely) bring back from the dead Neon!

This doesn’t mean you can run to your mammas 80’s closet just yet we estimate this trend to be in full swing around about mid July. 

Beauty Desk xx

So Much Baby Pinks

My Book

Hey everyone! I have a quick announcement to make. Sometime this week I’m going to be releasing an e-Book! It will have all my makeup tips that I have personally tried and tested and that I use all the time! I will be posting the link soon so stay tuned!